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My story begins in the vineyard. That’s where I grew up, in a little house surrounded by vineyards that my father managed. At five years old my Dad began to instruct me in the vineyard management process. These lessons taught me the importance of managing vineyards. Later, we planted our own vineyard in northwest Sonoma County. Our knowledge has been hard-earned, from the ground up.

When the industry changed, we changed with it, founding a management service that provided flexible labor solutions. Today, my father is senior consultant for our vineyard management services. As the owner of Alexander Vineyard Management, I’m in charge of personnel and management solutions, making sure that my crew members are all at the top of their game.

We are flexible, thorough, and trusted by some of the key players in the business; folks who must keep the quality of their product consistently high while keeping an eye on the bottom line. We’ll bring our family’s wealth of experience to your vineyard project of any size.

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